What inspired you to get into Dermal Therapy?

As a teenager I struggled with congestion in my skin, and I watched my older sister battle with acne as well.  Our mother fell victim to the very clever marketing of TV commercials and purchased a skincare range that was meant to clear acne.  

My skin became so stripped and vulnerable that I developed eczema.  This eczema stuck around for a good five years, and I would get the most horrific eczema on my neck and eyelids, to the point I could barely open my eyes!  I believe this is what inspired me to go and study Beauty Therapy.

After working for a lovely beauty salon in Tauranga, I found myself wanting to focus more on the skin side of the industry.  I took myself to Australia, as I knew there was some amazing technologies and skin clinics that just focused on the skin itself, as opposed to sharing their energies with other parts of the industry i.e., waxing etc.

I then did my Laser Safety certification, and after some great and not so great jobs, I eventually landed a job at a Plastic Surgery Clinic.  This is where Dermal Therapies were introduced to me.  I was trained in some of the most advanced skin technologies, and it really took my career to the next level.

The education in Australia was outstanding and I am truly grateful that I took myself there. 

I LOVE working with skin and it still fascinates and excites me seeing my clients skin change for the better.  I can’t see myself ever getting bored working with skin.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

My highlight has got to be when I won ‘Mesoestetic Retailer’ for the whole of Australia.  They flew me to Barcelona where I was trained by their doctors in their laboratory, wined and dined, and given amazing products and treatments to my heart’s desire.

What do you love most about being in this industry?

I love building trusting relationships with my clients and watching their confidence grow as they regain the beautiful healthy skin they deserve.

Seeing the changes I can make in peoples skin gives me the warm fuzzies.  I love seeing results and I love educating clients on how to reach their skin goals.

I love to learn all things skin!  I am forever signing up for webinars and trainings, as this is a constantly evolving industry.  

What are your favourite skin concerns to treat and why?

Whilst I find any skin concern that you can get results from enjoyable, a real fun one for me is sun damage and broken capillaries.  The results are quick and effective.

I also enjoy treating melasma (hormonal pigmentation) as this is something I have personally struggled with, and people often think there is nothing you can do for it, where in fact there are some amazing treatments and products that can dramatically reduce it.

What is your favourite skin treatment?

This is most definitely the BBL + Moxi, due to the dramatic results it achieves.  I love everything to do with our BBL treatments, whether its corrective, Forever Young or hair removal.  If its BBL, I love it!

What treatments have you had?

I have had lots of treatments having worked at plastic and cosmetic clinics.  To sum it up nicely with my most favoured skin treatments, I have had two sets of Dermamelan treatments for my melasma (when I was 23 and 25), I have done a course of 6x skin needling.  Now I have my own laser device, I plan to have BBL Forever Young 4x a year for its prevention of ageing benefits.  Last year I had two Moxi Laser treatments and if I have an event to go to, I will do a clinical peel to brighten my skin.

Give us one bit of skin advice?

I honestly feel if SPF were drilled into us back in the day like it is now, I wouldn’t be as busy as I am.  The sun causes 90% of ageing, along with triggering other skin conditions like melasma, skin sensitivities and rosacea.

The sun has harmful UV rays all year long in New Zealand.  So, slip, slop and slap that SPF, come rain, hail or shine, all year long!