What inspired you to get into the skin industry? 

I remember as a small girl sitting on the kitchen floor flicking with fascination through the pages of a “DIY beauty and skin” bible, and proceeding to whip up every weird and wonderful concoction to study its miracle powers. That childhood curiosity grew into a professional passion, which I pursued through my years in the ever advancing skin industry and which still drives me to this day. 

What product could you not live without? 

As someone who spends the majority of her free time enjoying the beautiful outdoors New Zealand has to offer, I rely heavily on a trustworthy SPF to protect my skin no matter the weather. With many dubious options on the market, I appreciate the freedom that comes with being able to have complete confidence in the protection and benefits my skin is receiving from a reliable product. An SPF that allows me to chase the sun worry free will always take top priority in my skincare regime. 

What is your favourite skin condition to treat and why? 

Having spent years struggling with my own problematic skin I have a personal understanding of the effects an acneic issue can have on someone’s self esteem, consequently I have a determined desire to help others with this concern through education and treatment to bring them to a place of relief and confidence. No one is capable of perfect skin, but everyone is capable of healthy skin, my motivation with every client no matter their concern is always to guide them to the best version of themselves. The happiness I receive from helping others along their skin journey is why I love what I do. 

A little about me… 
I was born and raised as the only daughter to a surfer and a gardener in a small village on the south west coast of Ireland 
I have a passion for travel which has led me to explore many beautiful areas of Europe, Indonesia, and Pacifica. 
On weekends a few things I enjoy are sailing, hiking, relaxing with a book and good times with friends and family.