Drew comes to Dermal Glow with four years of experience in the Skin Therapy Industry. After completing her Beauty Therapist Qualifications in 2019 she then furthered her knowledge by becoming a certified Laser Technician by the end of 2019. 

Drew has spent the past three years working in Advanced Skin Clinics across Auckland, Hamilton, and Mount Maunganui, learning all things DMK. Her true passion lies in educating people about skin integrity and the importance of maintaining the skin’s barrier. 

What inspired you to the skin industry?

When I first went to Beauty College I was there for all things instant beauty, the lashes, brows nails etc.… but quickly fell in love with the skin and became fascinated with how the skin works and all the different skin conditions. 

I also started to learn more and more about my own skin, having suffered from eczema since birth and over the past few years going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. It has been my driving push in the industry to help people through their skin concerns after I noticed the massive changes I could achieve with my own skin.

What do you love most about the industry?

The skin industry is forever advancing and changing but I also love this! Because our skin is forever changing, I love being able to adapt and try something new. I’m always learning in this industry, picking up new tricks and ideas so I love that.

Aside from the ever-evolving industry, it’s being able to get the best results for our clients. There’s just something about seeing someone become more confident within themselves and glow with their skin that reminds me of why I do what I do. That feeling of accomplishing their goals for their skin is a feeling I will never get over. It can be quite an emotional journey so once you’re starting to see those results you just feel great!

What are you’re favourite skin concerns to treat and why?

I find all skin conditions fun to treat but I cannot lie treating someone with eczema is probably my favourite. I think having been through eczema and continuing my journey with Topical Steroid Withdrawal, knowing that it is scary, products usually tingle a little more than usual but also want to do these amazing advanced treatments but feel like it is not something within reach and being able to relate to those feelings with my clients. 

It’s watching them see their skin become so strong and absolutely being able to do all the amazing advanced treatments, the excitement clients have when they are finally able to do these treatments and also when they can easily maintain their skin and work through those skin flares. Seeing them become so confident, you just can’t beat that feeling.

Favourite skin treatment

My favourite treatment to have and do on clients is Skin needleling paired with DMK Enzyme Therapy. It starts off the treatment nice and spicy but ends it with a relaxing DMK Enzyme Mask. You can’t forget the unbelievable glow you get from this too.

What is your top skin advice?

I have two that I will always harp on about! SPF is a non-negotiable, rain, hail or shine put your SPF on. Most people don’t know that our own devices like phones and computers are playing a part in pigment production nowadays so SPF all day every day!

And take your Essential Fatty Acids! Feed your skin the correct building blocks to be able to create happy and healthy skin cells. Our skin is our largest living organ and generally not the most looked after.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I grew up in a small place called Ahipara, Kaitaia surrounded by whanau. Living out my best beach/farm child life before finally leaving the Far North in 2018 to follow my passion and become a Qualified Beauty Therapist in the crazy hussle of Auckland and the rest is history.

Those who know me will say I’m addicted to anything that involves coffee and food. But I say you’ll find me chasing the sun, waterfalls, new hikes and yes coffee and food.

My partner & I have only been in Whakatane for four months, so when we meet give me all your best hikes, food and coffee recommendation