Cosmedix Radiance


A soothing blend of nature’s perfect moisturisers for deep, lasting hydration, Radiance helps to revitalise dull, lifeless skin.

Radiance helps reveal a more youthful looking glow from the inside out with moisture-locking trehalose, a natural extract used by desert plants to thrive in extreme environments, combined with powerful antioxidants and epidermal growth factors.

Radiance is designed with maturing, damaged skins in mind. This corrective blend of actives leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant

Benefits: Revitalizes skin, Helps skin look radiant, Nourishes and hydrates, Speeds up skin recovery, Antioxidant protection

Usage: AM & PM. Apply a pea size amount on to clean skin as needed. Radiance can be used in conjunction with other serums under a moisturizer

Suitable for: Ageing, Dry / Dehydrated, Sensitive skin

Ingredients: Resveratrol, Mica, Active Botanicals