Cosmedix Detox Mask


Detoxify your skin from daily urban pollution that can lead to accelerated visible signs of aging.

This charcoal and clay based mask, gently exfoliates skin, draws out impurities and effectively cleanses away pollutants for a visibly brighter, more radiant complexion.

Great for those with sensitive skin and congested pores.

Benefits: Absorbs impurities to help detoxify the skin, Smooths surface texture, Restores radiance

Usage: Apply a generous amount to clean, damp skin, Leave on skin for up to 15 minutes., Gently rinse skin with warm water and pat dry., Follow with serums and moisturizer, Best to use at night to rid skin of daily ubran pollution., Can be used 3x per week or as tolerated.

Suitable for: All skin, Dry / Dehydrated, Oil / Problematic

Ingredients Active Botanicals