Cosmedix C.P.R.


Revitalize the look of dry, chapped, and cracked skin with this soothing recovery serum that is formulated specifically for post-procedure and sensitive skin types.
C.P.R contains a nourishing blend of plant-based extracts and peptides that gently promote healthy skin recovery and helps ease the appearance of redness.
Fueled by powerful antioxidants, this Skin Recovery Serum helps restore visible radiance while protecting the complexion from environmental stressors that can accelerate signs of aging.

Benefits: Helps promote recovery and relief for dry, hypersensitive skin, Helps improve the look of uneven skin tone, Provides powerful antioxidant protection to the skin barrier

Usage: Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed and toned skin morning and night, Follow with recommended moisturizer and/ or sunscreen, Ideal for sensitive skin, dry skin and post-procedure or post-facial use

Suitable for: All skin, Sensitive skin, Dry / Dehydrated

Ingredients: Vitamin E, Peptides