HydraFacial at Dermal Glow

ClearSilk® by Sciton

Starting at $300

Dermal Glow is proud to bring yet another technology from Sciton to our Ohope Clinic.

Introducing the Sciton Clear Silk Laser Facial, designed for all skin types to naturally rejuvenate and treat the signs of ageing, sun damage and uneven skin tone.

The Clear Silk Laser Facial is the most advanced non-ablative, no downtime laser treatment that is designed to stimulate natural collagen production in a gentle and comfortable manner. 

The Clear Silk primarily works to deeply heat the skin. This stimulates the body’s own collagen production and healthy cellular activity, increasing oxygen to the cells and providing a natural rejuvenation, without the downtime or risks associated with more intensive laser treatments.

Using a 1064nm laser delivering a micro pulse of laser energy to the skin, there is no damage to the skin or the surrounding tissues and clients can continue with their normal activities after the treatment. 

Dermal Glow Hydrafacial Close up